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e-Sports Stadium

The e-Sports Stadium


e-Sports Stadium is the first sports venue in the world designed specifically for online gaming. (e-Sports is the abbreviation of “Electronic Sports”.) Opened in December 2005, the e-Sports Stadium is an arena that hosts online games in the form of sports coverage, so that while professional gamers (or pro-gamers) are playing a game on stage, spectators are cheering from the gallery. 

A stadium for the e-sports craze

Ever since cable TV channels first began televising online games (i.e. Starcraft), the craze for e-sports has grown exponentially and the need for an exclusive venue for e-sports became evident. As a result, the stadium was built in 2005 to support and foster the e-sports craze. The title of "pro-gamer" is now considered a job and professional career, and world of sports commentating as expanded to include e-sports commentators. A total of 23 e-sports events are now officially recognized in Korea, and about 10 pro-gamer groups and over 400 pro-gamers are actively playing.

Gaming fans love the stadium because it is an arena where they can sit in the gallery and enjoy live commentary as they watch pro-gamers play in a transparent glass-fitted game room. Instead of teams, each fan cheers on their favorite pro-gamer.

  • View of the stage
    View of the stage in the stadium

  • specialist commentators on TV
    With the boom in e-sports, Korea even has its own specialist commentators

  • Auxiliary stadium
    Auxiliary stadium

  • Hand prints
    Hand prints of high-skilled pro-gamers
The stadium is comprised of a main stadium and an auxiliary stadium. The 500-seat main stadium is used for competition coverage and viewing, and the auxiliary stadium is used for amateur competitions and various other events. The Hall of Fame displays the hand prints of pro-gamers who have won titles more than 100 times in the “Starcraft League”, Korea’s most popular pro-gamer league.

  • pro-gamers meeting with fans
    Fans enjoying a meeting with their idols

  • Stadium
    500-seat e-Sports Stadium

A venue for cultivating pro-gamers

e-Sports Stadium holds pro-gamer contests and various e-sports competitions. Since its opening, the stadium has vitalized the amateur league and served as a catalyst for e-sports with the expansion of participating age groups and the establishment of a women’s league.

Amateur competitions are held on the weekends. Winning participants of the amateur competitions are then ranked as “semi-professional”, and a semi-professional competition is held once a year for a duration of 17 weeks. A pro-gamer initiation contest is also held every month. In addition to competitions, the stadium is also increasing the number of game genres to cover a wide range, from shooting games to car racing. A competition for the famous Korean racing game “Cart Rider” is held every year. e-Sports Stadium is not only a venue for competition coverage, it is a contributing factor in the expansion of e-sports.

  • Professional league game organized by KESPA (Korean e-Sports Players Association)

  • Po-gamer sitting in a game box engrossed in his game.

  • View of the stadium seen from the stage

  • Logos of various games displayed in the stadium

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