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Seoul Folk Flea Market

Seoul Folk Flea Market


Seoul Folk Flea Market is the largest flea market in Korea. The market sells typical Korean items, everyday goods, souvenirs, traditional goods and traditional food, allowing visitors to enjoy shopping and eating all under one roof. These days, the market has become one of the city's main attractions among local people as well as overseas visitors. Seoul Folk Flea Market is filled with Korean traditional goods and foods that reflect the simpler lifestyle of Koreans in times past. 

A place alive with Korean folklore

Seoul Folk Flea Market opened in April 2008 and is a place alive with typical Korean folk items, souvenirs, traditional food and everyday goods that reveal the lifestyle of Koreans in times past. The market holds performances of "Pungmulpae" (pungmul band, traditional Korean percussion band) all year round. Regional specialties and traditional and modern crafts are also bought and sold here. In this two-story building, everyday miscellaneous goods, antiques and clothing are found on the first floor, and restaurants are situated on the second floor. 
  • Overseas visitors browsing around
    Overseas visitors browsing around

  • Seoul Folk Flea Market
    Seoul Folk Flea Market has been systematically reorganized.
A place filled with the essence of life

Seoul Folk Flea Market is divided into seven zones; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, the colors of rainbow. The red zone is a food court. The orange zone is for regional specialties such as squid from Ulleungdo (Island), traditional crafts like crockery, and bits and bobs such as smoking pipes etc. The yellow zone deals with secondhand vintage goods, such as typewriters, telephones etc. The green zone is for antiques, such as traditional antique furniture and art. The blue zone sells fashion accessories and the indigo zone sells clothing, paintings, calligraphy, hanji (traditional handmade Korean paper) and so on. Finally, the violet zone displays and sells miscellaneous goods, electronics, tools etc. The market has many rare goods that cannot easily be found elsewhere. Tourists normally buy light items for souvenirs such as smaller antiques, smoking pipes or accessories.

A great bonus is that few goods in the market are expensive, so you can simply relax and enjoy shopping. Since the market is close to Cheonggyecheon (Stream), it has become a popular tourist destination.
  • Antiques in Seoul Folk Flea Market
    Antiques in Seoul Folk Flea Market

  • Old radios and telephones from different eras
    Old radios and telephones from different eras
  • An antique clock
    An antique clock, exact origin and year of production unknown

  • Antique cameras
    Antique cameras
  • External view of antique shop
    Seoul Folk Flea Market, Korea's best flea market

  • People browsing the vintage goods
    People browsing the vintage goods
A range of events in which people can participate

Seoul Folk Flea Market holds various events in which people can participate. The Citizen's folk flea market is held every second and fourth Saturday of the month from 12pm – 6pm during March to October. Participants can sell their used goods freely here. "Folk nostalgia trip" is also held here every week from Thursday to Saturday from 11am – 12pm and 2pm – 3pm. Participants can browse goods from the past accompanied by a folk culture guide and listen to interesting stories related to Korean folk culture.

There is also a place where visitors can make traditional handicrafts for themselves. In Traditional Culture Experience Hall, visitors can make traditional handicrafts such as "Hahoetal" (the famous traditional Korean mask from Andong, Gyeongbuk), as well as fans, hanji crafts etc. The hall opens everyday from 10:30am to 18:00pm and is a very popular place.

There is also a foreigners flea market, the first of which was held on April 24, 2010. It will be held regularly every year from March to October in the same way as the Citizen's folk flea market. The opening dates will be announced through the website, so please check the website before your visit.

Cheonggyecheon Museum, where visitors can look back at all of the changes that have taken place in Cheonggyecheon, is located close to Seoul Folk Flea Market. The impressive exterior of the building, with its long glass tube installation, symbolizes the Cheonggyecheon watercourse. The museum puts on display the history of Cheonggyecheon and its restoration process. The museum's permanent exhibition room displays the changes in Seoul since the restoration. The museum also has a special exhibition room which holds culture and art exhibitions.
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Seoul Folk Flea Market

  • Offers various programs and events for visitors 
  • Open:10:00~18:30

    서울풍물시장의 체험 및 이벤트진행 정보안내
    program contents Remarks
    Traditional cultural experience programs traditional arts and crafts, traditional dance, hanji crafts, traditional soap making
    *Class size: 24 people
    Weekend festival every Saturday from April~October
    Foreigners' Flea Market held 5~6 times a year

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  • Hallyu topic: Featured in SBS Variety show < Running Man > in episode 39.

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  • Seoul City Tour Bus stop

SBS < Running Man >

  • Original run: July 11, 2010 - present 
  • Summary: Running Man is new genre in reality-variety shows. Focused in the urban environment, the celebrity cast completes missions at various Korean landmarks to win the race. 
  • Episode : 171 ('11.4.17)
  • Scene : Sunny&Yoona VS Running Man having a race match
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