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Salon du Chocolat - Seoul

Salon du Chocolat - Seoul

Venue COEX Exhibition Hall D1,2
Date(s) 2013-01-17 ~ 2013-01-20
Price 15,000 won
8,000 won for students, disabled, and senior citizens
8,000 won per person for groups of 20 or more
Website http://www.salonduchocolat.co.kr

The Salon du Chocolat is Coming to Seoul!

The Salon du Chocolat 1For four days from January 17 ~ 20, the COEX exhibit hall in Gangnam will welcome chocolate lovers into a veritable celebration of chocolate.  In addition to fashion shows and demonstrations, there will be concerts, contests, chocolate classes and of course tastings offered by the world's finest chocolate-makers, both international and local. 

For its 2012 edition, the Salon du Chocolat highlighted the "New Worlds of Chocolate" : new territories, new tastes, new trends and new talents. Over 135,000 visitors have taken part in the most gourmet event of the year.

The Salon du Chocolat has been touring the world for 18 years but it is the first time it will be held in Seoul.  

A full schedule of events is available here.

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