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Media Pole


Media Pole is a 12-meter tall integrated street facility offering ubiquitous high-tech services and digital content. 22 Media Poles are installed at 35-meter intervals along the 760 meters of Gangnamdaero (Road), stretching from Gangnam Subway Station to Kyobo Tower Crossroads. Media Pole features public transportation information, such as a subway map and bus routes, as well as a built-in camera, giving users the opportunity to send an impromptu photo via a photo-mail service.

A ubiquitous street

The very latest concept, Media Pole is a state-of-the-art facility offering digital content as well as functioning as a streetlamp. It performs integrated functions such as pedestrian signals, traffic signs and a signal control box. Media Pole is designed to display on both sides, showing information to drivers on the road and pedestrians alike.
  • Media Pole 1
    Media Pole, a new street facility installed at Gangnam Station

  • Media Pole 2
    22 Media Poles are installed along the road.
A meeting between cutting-edge technology and art

Media Pole plays a role as a cultural facility offering digital media along the Gangnamdaero, as well as ubiquitous cutting-edge services. One of its features is the Digital Gallery that displays media art work through a high-tech display.
  • The Digital Gallery 1
    The Digital Gallery

  • The Digital Gallery 2
    The Digital Gallery
In addition, Media Pole also provides various content services, such as a search facility for all sorts of information, and a photo-mail service, which allows users to send a video filmed on the spot with a built-in camera. These mean that users can enjoy odd moments, such as when waiting for friends or a bus, by playing a game or using the internet and photo services.
Around a Media Pole, wireless internet connection is available, and with built-in CCTV, Media Pole performs safety monitoring function as well. Gangnamdaero is turning into an environment where young people and state-of-the-art technology coexist in everyday life.
  • A transportation information service
    A transportation information service

  • Students enjoy a game at the Media Pole
    Students enjoy a game at the Media Pole.
By night, Media Pole creates a work of media art as it displays richly colorful images. If you are in the vicinity of Gangnam station at night, you will encounter this media art and find the night sky adorned with a mass of color, a wonderful sightseeing pleasure.
  • A Media Pole menu offering various services
    A Media Pole menu offering various services

  • Media Pole is convenient and easy to use
    Media Pole is convenient and easy to use

  • Media Pole also functions as a cultural facility
    Media Pole also functions as a cultural facility.

  • A tourist using Media Pole
    A tourist uses the photo-mail service.
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