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K-Pop Music Exhibition Hall (Olympic Hall)



Korean Popular Music Exhibition Hall and Archives

On the first floor of Olympic Hall, an exhibition hall dedicated to the history of Korean popular music has re-opened its doors to the public after a year of remodeling.

In addition to the permanent exhibitions on K-pop, the exhibit hall offers special exhibits dedicated to a particular era of K-pop once or twice per year.

Travel back in time through music: permanent exhibition on K-pop history 1920 ~ 2000

About 400 m2 of space has been permanently dedicated to archiving the history of Korean popular music.  Visitors can learn about historic trends and listen to K-pop dating as early as 1920s until recent times.

The exhibit is presented in decades, and popular artists and hits throughout the times are presented via interactive videos and recordings. 

In addition, trophies and awards given to significant artists from the 1920s are on display, as well as their original compositions recorded on Victor phonographs.

  • permanent exhibition 1
  • permanent exhibition 2

  • permanent exhibition 3
  • permanent exhibition 4

Ongoing special thematic exhibits

In addition to the permanent exhibit, a thematic exhibit dedicated to a particular era, theme or an artist will be presented on an ongoing basis every six months.

  • Ongoing special thematic exhibits 1

  • Ongoing special thematic exhibits 2

  • Ongoing special thematic exhibits 3

  • Ongoing special thematic exhibits 4

  • Ongoing special thematic exhibits 5

  • Ongoing special thematic exhibits 6
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