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The Trick Eye Museum is located in the lively Hongdae district at the second basement floor of the Homi-hwabang building and has proven to be a popular destination for tourists. It specializes in providing amusements that trick the eyes into seeing something else. In addition to various trompe l'oeil installations, the museum also houses a Greek-style cafe, an educational room for learning Greek mythology as well as exhibit halls featuring contemporary artists.

  • A Greek-style marble fountain
    A Greek-style marble fountain

  • Cafe and gallery
    Cafe and gallery

1. Trick Eye Museum

The Trickeye Museum features a good collection of two and and three dimensional trick art that were especially designed for photographs.
The lighting installations have also been optimized for the camera. Visitors will definitely want to take their cameras and be ready to put on their creativity hats. There are also staff members onsite who will assist with taking photos.

The museum has eight thematic exhibits, including historical, twists of familiar masterpieces, romantic, luxurious, domestic, traditional, style, and finally, a house of mirrors. The museum also hosts various ongoing educational programs for children and is open conveniently until 9 p.m. every night, making it an ideal course for couples.

  • History trick eye collection
    "History" trick eye collection

  • 트릭아이미술관
    "Masterpieces" trick eye collection

  • Romantic trick eye collection
    "Romantic" trick eye collection

  • Luxury trick eye collection
    "Luxury" trick eye collection

  • 트릭아이미술관
    "Style" trick eye collection

  • Daily Life trick eye collection
    "Daily Life" trick eye collection

  • Traditional trick eye collection
    Traditional trick eye collection

  • House of mirrors
    House of mirrors

2. Seoul Santorini Gallery

The museum also features three exhibit rooms dedicated to contemporary artists that appeal to a popular audience. The three rooms have each a separate personality and seek to increase understanding between the artists and the audience through frequent talks and meetings.

  • First gallery
    First gallery

  • Third gallery
    Third gallery

3. Ice Museum

The Ice Museum is located inside the Trick Eye Museum. Visitors can experience and enjoy ice sculptures, igloos, slides, and more.

  • ice museum 1
    Ice Museum

  • ice museum 2
    Ice Museum

  • ice museum 3
    Ice Museum

  • ice museum 4
    Ice Museum

4. Santorini Cafe
The Santorini Cafe provides first-grade organic coffee and provides a place for lovers, friends and family a moment to review their photos in a comfortable and warm atmosphere.

  • Coffee trick eye collection
    Hey, that's my coffee!

  • View of Santorini Cafe
    View of Santorini Cafe

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