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Trick Eye Museum

Trick Eye Museum


Trick Eye Museum is a 3D interactive museum which first opened its doors in 2010 at the heart of culture and art – Hongdae, Seoul. Trick Eye Museum shares a unique type of experience with its audiences using a technique called trompe-l'oeil (trick of the eye). With 700 thousand visitors worldwide in 2014, the museum is loved by a wide spectrum of people; it is also the first optical illusion museum that is recognized by audiences as the number 1 museum out of all the attractions in Seoul on TripAdvisor.

1. Trick Eye Museum

The word 'Trick Eye' is a shortend version of the English expression of 'Trompe-l'oeil', meaning 'trick of the eye'. The purpose of this art is to intentionally confuse the audience by making flat 2D paintings into 3D images. The unique part of the museum is that visitors can freely touch, take photos, and interact with the art. Visitors can also have a more educational type of experience, including workbooks for children, which are directly producted by the Trick Eye Museum. Further, it is open until 9pm, making it a good date spot.

2. Ice Museum 


The Ice Museum, located inside of the Trick Eye Museum, is the biggest ice sculpture experience museum in Seoul. From famous cartoon characters to ice slides, you can see all types of ice sculptures as soon as you enter the museum.


3. Carnival Street


Carnival Street has brought Carnival festival and games into the town. The world famous masterpiece characters like Mona Lisa, Van Gogh, Dali and the Girl with a Pearl Earring have dressed in various carnival costumes, boosting the carnival atmosphere in Trickeye museum where you can enjoy the carnival all year around. Other than that, newly created games such as “Mona Lisa Balloon Dart”, “Throw a Ball and Hit a Star” in “Starry Night” painting by Van Gogh and “Hit the Clown” will provide fun and unforgettable memories for both children and adults.  

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