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Opened in Insa-dong in 2004, Ssamzie-gil is a new traditional culture and shopping complex. An iconic Korean street, Insa-dong is famous as the most traditional street, lined with a large number of antique shops and folk art galleries. Ssamzie-gil is a place that continues the traditions of Insa-dong while complementing it with modern convenient facilities. For instance, Ssamzie-gil’s footpaths run alongside the shops like a spring around a courtyard, reminiscent of an alleyway in Insa-dong. Meanwhile its book cafés, galleries and traditional experiences help create a cultural complex.

Follow a traditional path in a modern setting

Long considered to be Seoul’s iconic traditional street, Insa-dong is one of Seoul’s must-see attractions for overseas visitors, and Ssamzie-gil is Insa-dong’s latest attraction. Newly opened in 2004 it is inspired by the distinctive character of Insa-dong.

  • A shopping venue in a spiral shape 1
    A shopping venue in a spiral shape

  • A shopping venue in a spiral shape 2
    Ssamzie-gil is a place that blends modern styles with the traditions of Insa-dong.
Entering Ssamzie-gil, the visitor follows a footpath that runs for 500 meters from the first floor to the rooftop, circling around the courtyard like a spring. Lining the path are around 70 shops, including small workshops slightly over 10 square meters. Of particular interest are 12 shops on the first floor which are original workshops from Insa-dong even before Ssamzie-gil was opened.
  • craft workshop
    Display-window of a craft workshop in Ssamzie-gil

  • courtyard
    The Ssamzie-gil courtyard

  • The unique interior design of a handicraft shop
    The unique interior design of a handicraft shop

  • An interesting sign
    An interesting sign for Ssamzie-gil
Ssamzie-gil, an enjoyable crafts village

The first floor features designer art shops and restaurants based around a central courtyard, offering an opportunity to envisage a Korean traditional market.
  • The central courtyard
    The central courtyard

  • The Art Sense
    The Art Sense
The second floor houses various traditional handicraft shops, which range from master craftsmen designated Intangible Cultural Properties of Seoul, to work by college students with distinctive ideas. Featured shops include Chalcak, a sticker-photo studio, and Pattern Craftshop that deals in orgel (a music box) made with traditional Korean colors.
  • A photo studio, Chalcak
    A photo studio, Chalcak

  • Pattern Craftshop 1
    Pattern Craftshop

  • Pattern Craftshop 2
    Pattern Craftshop

  • Pattern Craftshop 3
    Pattern Craftshop
The third floor features fashion clothing and accessories. In particular, the Art Sense is Korea’s one and only fan shop exclusively producing and selling fans. However, the shops do not only deal in traditional Korean handicrafts. Sonagi Optician’s offers glasses with distinctive designs, and Shin Yeongmi Artgal sells scarves and neckties with Eastern and Western traditional patterns designed in beautiful colors.
  • Sonagi Optician’s shop
    Sonagi Optician’s

  • Shin Yeongmi Artgal
    Shin Yeongmi Artgal
The fourth floor features places to relax, such as Galpi, a book café and Sky Garden, and Gallery Sum, a crafts exhibition hall. In the basement, there is an experiential workshop, restaurants and Gallery Bob, which holds temporary and solo exhibitions.
  • Galpi 1

  • Galpi 2

  • Sky Garden
    Sky Garden

  • Gallery Bob
    Gallery Bob
The staircase at one side of the building features a huge rose stem which is set in the stairwell and climbs skywards from the basement to the rooftop. Above this, various interior items are placed all over Ssamzie-gil, offering pleasurable sights.
  • Cute murals
    Cute murals

  • Artificial lotus flowers adorn the ceiling
    Artificial lotus flowers adorn the ceiling

  • Cute murals
    Cute murals

  • A huge rose stem set in the stairwell
    A huge rose stem set in the stairwell
Ssamzie-gil Experiential Workshop program

Various experiential workshop programs for overseas visitors, such as hanji (traditional Korean paper) and mother-of-pearl craft, are provided in the basement. A group experience program for foreigners is available, and a guide service in English and Japanese is provided.
  • Experiential Workshop
    Experiential Workshop

  • A view of Insa-dong Street
    A view of Insa-dong Street
    Ssamzie-gil is situated in Insa-dong, Seoul’s iconic street for traditional culture, featuring a wide range of shops and cultural venues, such as traditional tea houses, antique shops, art galleries and craft workshops, and alleys lined with traditional restaurants. Nowadays, traditional workshops and galleries, such as Gana Art Space, Kyungin Museum of Fine Art, Mokin Museum and Beatiful Tea Museum, stand in harmony with each other.

    Super Junior & Girls' Generation "Seoul Song"

    • Label: SM Entertainment
    • < Seoul Song >: Created for the 2009 Asia Song Festival to promote Seoul.
    • Scene: Super Junior's Donghae in front of Ssamzie-gil.
    • Hallyu topic: K-pop stars Super Junior and Girls' Generation introduce Seoul.

    • Girls' Generation is a 9 member female group that have expanded their reach through Asia, Europe, and the Americas
      *Best Movie Award at the 27th Japan Golden Disk Awards
      *Appeared on the 'David Letterman Show' and 'LIVE! with Kelly' in the USA in '12
      *< I Got a Boy > surpasses 30 million YouTube views in the shortest time (as of January 17, 2013)
      *Hit songs: < GEE >, < Tell Me Your Wish >, < The Boys >, < Dancing Queen >
    • Super Junior is a 13 member male group that is one of the forerunners of Hallyu in Asia and Europe.
      *'Super Show4' world tour in 9 countries in '11 and '12. The first male artists to win the Japanese Oricon DVD Weekly Chart for 3 consecutive weeks.
      *Hit songs: < Sorry, Sorry >, < Bonamana >, < A-CHA >, < SPY >
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