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ITX (Intercity Train Express)
ITX (Intercity Train Express)

The ITX - Cheongchun is a high-speed train that travels along the Gyeongchun Line from Yongsan Station in Seoul to Chuncheon Station in Gangwon-do (Province) and began operation on February 28, 2012. The train travels up to 180 km/hr and is the country's first two-story train. 
Like the KTX (Korea Train Express), the ITX - Cheongchun has attendants on board from whom snacks and drinks may be purchased from, and has several facilities and conveniences including nursing rooms, restrooms, and power outlets. The ITX - Cheongchun is the fastest train in Korea after the KTX.
Ticket prices (departing from Yongsan Station) are 3,000 won to Cheongnyangni, 6,900 won to Gapyeong, and 9,800 won to Chuncheon, however at the moment passengers may receive a 30% discount on ticket prices. So for example, a ticket from Yongsan to Chuncheon is 6,900 won and a ticket from Cheongnyangni to Chuncheon is 6,000 won.

The train makes 44 round-trips during the week, and 54 round-trips on the weekend. It takes approximately 74 minutes from Yongsan Station to Chuncheon Station, and approximately 64 minutes from Cheongnyangni Station to Chuncheon Station. 


Seoul (Yongsan Station) → Cheongnyangni → Sangbong Toegyewon Sareung Pyeongnaehopyeong → Maseok Cheongpyeong → GapyeongGangchon → Namchuncheon → Chuncheon
Blue: Only stops during rush hour on weekdays
Green: Only stops when departing from Cheongnyangni

ReservationsㆍPurchasing Tickets


Reservations may be made via the Korail website or the Korail smartphone app up to one month before travel date. Korail members can make reservations at the Customer Service Center. 

Purchasing Tickets

Tickets may be purchased online, via the Korail smartphone app, from ticket machines, or from train ticket offices. Accepted payment methods include credit cards, cash, and Glory Points. 

Discount Information

- Special discount 30% (does not apply to commuter passes)
- Unassigned seating 5%, Standing 15%
- Infants free, Children 50%, Seniors 30%
- Commuter pass 45 - 60%, Ticket machine discount 1%, Internet discount 2%

Transferring from ITX - Cheongchun to Subway

Passengers may transfer from the ITX - Cheongchun to the subway using their T-money cards. Just scan your card over the T-money scanner before and after you board the ITX - Cheongchun, and before and after you board the subway to avoid paying additional fees.



  • The train of ITX - Cheongchun 1

  • The train of ITX - Cheongchun 2

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