Hangang (River)

Hangang Cruise

한강 유람선 코스



The Hangang (River) Cruise is one of the best ways to enjoy the Hangang (River). There are 8 different docks from which to board, including Yeouido, Jamsil, Yangwha, Ttukseom, Sangam, Seoul Forest, Jamdubong and Seonyudo. The cruises have different themes, including a pirate theme for children and a K-Culture cruise for Hallyu fans, allowing passengers to enjoy live performances and fine dining as they admire the scenery. The romance of the Hangang makes river cruises very popular with lovers all throughout the year.

Taking a cruise is a great way to enjoy the fresh air and get away from it all. Enjoy spectacular nighttime views of the Hangang on themed cruises with live magic and delicious food, guaranteed to create unforgettable memories for families, lovers and friends alike. There are also seasonal events including a flower cruise in spring and a migratory bird cruise in autumn.

  • 반포대교를 지나는 브리타니아호
    Hangang Cruise

  • Hangang Cruise
Different scenery at every dock

The Yeouido dock has stunning views of Hangangcheolgyo (Railroad Bridge) and Bamseom (Islet), which is a habitat for migratory birds. From the Jamsil dock, you can watch the sun disappear behind Namsan (Mt.) while Sangam dock is close to World Cup Park and offers cruise deals that include a park visit. Jamdubong dock, which opened in 2005, has many attractions nearby including Jeoldusan Catholic Martyrs' Shrine, which is visited by over a million people each year.
  • 이랜드크루즈 선착장
    Yeouido dock

  • Yeouido dock

Live Show Cruises – an unforgettable night on the Hangang

The 70-minute Live Show Cruises depart from Yeouido, Ttukseom and Jamsil dock every evening (except Mondays), offering live music and amazing magic shows along with stunning nighttime views of the river. Originally planned as temporary events, the cruises have become so popular with Seoulites and tourists alike that they are now a permanent part of the schedule. Some couples have even gotten engaged on Live Show Cruises.


K-Culture cruises operate from Tuesdays to Saturdays. Enjoy live Korean themed performances for an unforgettale night. Shows include traditional Korean music, B-boy dancing, and jazz.

  • Live Show

  • Balloon Art

  • Bamseom and Seogangdaegyo
    Bamseom (Islet) and Seogangdaegyo (Bridge)

  • K컬쳐 크루즈의 비보잉 댄스팀
    K Culture Cruise B-boy team

  • A riverboat passing under Wonhyodaegyo
    A riverboat passing under Wonhyodaegyo (Bridge)

  • Two riverboats meet on the Hangang
    Two riverboats meet on the Hangang
  • The Moonlight Rainbow Fountain

  • The Moonlight Rainbow Fountain

  • Wonhyodaegyo at night
    Wonhyodaegyo at night

  • 유람선 위 시민들

  • famillies in Hangang cruise
    Hangang cruises are perfect for families

  • The World Cup Fountain at Hangangdaegyo
Departure times vary. Please check the website the day before your trip.


                   Route    Duration (min)
Yeouido⇒Jamsil        70
Jamsil⇒Yeouido 70


                    Route      Duration (min)
Yeouido⇒Bamseom⇒Seonyudo⇒Yeouido 60
Yeouido⇒Hangangdaegyo⇒Banpodaegyo⇒Yeouido 60
Jamsil⇒Ttukseom⇒Hannamgdaegyo⇒Jamsil      60
Jamsil⇒Ttukseom⇒Hannamgdaegyo⇒Banpodaegyo⇒Jamsil  90

* Prices shown are for adults. Children aged 12 and under pay half-price.

Themed Cruises

► Live Show Cruise
► Buffet Cruise

► K-Culture Cruise

► Event Cruise
Please contact the Service Center on +82 (0)2 3271 6900/6992 between 09:00 and 18:00 weekdays.

Quay Information

Yeouido: Tel. +82 (0)2 3271 6900
1st floor: Riverboat platform, coffee shop, snack bar, souvenir shop, restaurant (09:00 - 23:00)
2nd floor: European-style restaurant, beer hall (12:00 - 24:00)
5 minutes’ walk from Exit 3, Yeouinaru Station, Subway Line 5

Jamsil: Tel. +82 (0)2 416 8611/12
1st floor: Riverboat platform, coffee shop, snack bar (09:00 - 23:00)
2nd floor: Restaurant (12:00 - 24:00)
15 minutes’ walk from Exit 7, Sincheon Station, Subway Line 2

Ttukseom: Tel. +82 (0)2 468 7104
1st floor: Riverboat platform, fusion restaurant, souvenir shop
2nd floor: Banquet hall (weddings, seminars, parties)
5 minutes’ walk from Exit 3, Ttukseom Park Station, Subway Line 7

Yangwha: Tel. +82 (0)2 2675 3535
1st floor: Riverboat platform, restaurant, coffee shop, snack bar
2nd floor: Korean restaurant
20 minutes’ walk towards Hangang Park from Exit 1, Dangsan Station, Subway Line 2

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